a sneak peek at my previous projects inside / outside of school :D

  • University of Southern California
    Computer Science (General)
    GPA 3.4/4.0
    Never studied this hard
    August 2016 - present

  • Michigan State University
    Bachelor - Computer Science Engineering
    GPA 3.6/4.0
    Dean's List
    Met my best friends
    August 2012 - May 2016

  • Experience
    Software Engineer Intern at Verizon - Summer 2017
    Frontend Developer at MSU Capstone Team Amazon - Spring 2016
    Grader at Michigan State University - Fall 2015
    Fall 2015 - present


Poor planning equals to poor results. Enough said.


Clean up after myself and drink 14 cups of coffee everyday. :)


How do you know if your code works without testing it?

There are a lot more stories of me that I couldn't tell through this website, not because I can't, I just feel like this is not the best way for it. If you are interested in talking with me (or just want to check out some awesome stories), click on one of the contact methods below. I will get back to you. Even if you don't, the visit is still appreciated, have a nice one. ; )