About Our Game
  • Story
    Mr.Cube was once a normal guy just like us, one day he woke up and find himself to be in a castle full of zombies and he because a cube guy! You will have to beat the game to find out what happened to Mr.Cube

  • Instructions
    Mr.Cube can only see the range within his spot light, kill zombies, pick up loots, find out where doors to lower floors are and beat the game!

  • More about Loots
    Loot items can restore your health, give you a speed boost, increase weapon damage, or inscrease the range of the spot light

Our team was divided into three smaller teams -- team Environment and Menu worked on level design and menus; team Monsters and Loot worked on monsters, loot items and effects in the maze while team Character and Weapon worked on the control of Mr.Cube